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Data Science and Data Driven Forecasting Solutions

Assumptions are the primary factor for the decisions made by most organization, while good forecasting insights are often not considered or as much a looked at.

Forecasts from the Cloud

SciScry offers access to the most advanced forecasting algorithms available. Customers connect their data to our cloud solution and generate meaningful and accurate forecasts for their most important KPIs.


​​Relevant 3rd party information can easily be integrated as domain knowledge to boost the forecasting performance of the algorithms.​

Machine learning

Building on AI, machine learning as well as statistical methods, SciScry offers all relevant forecasting approaches and automatically selects the most advantageous model for each data set.


Making your data meaningful

You have a challenge or business opportunity that involves data you want to act upon. Small data, big data, machine learning or statistics. You really don’t care. You need someone that gets you a result. Fast!

Data Science executed right gets you transformational results in your products, services and processes by looking at your business through data you get a more holistic picture of you enterprise.

We build great custom tools in an iterative way giving you insights that allow you innovate.

Analytics Strategy

Together with you we develop your data science strategy and translate it into impactful actions in your organization. We help you define the major pillars, set the priorities and translate it into impactful actions inside your organization.

Use Cases

Helping you identify your opportunities and formulate them into actionable use cases. We identify what matters most for your business, which data you need, the technology that fits best as well as the maturity of your organization.

Data Science Projects

Augmenting your teams and processes with insights to answer hard questions and generate informed decisions. We turn your data into the value that your teams can use to address their challenges.

Design Sprint

Building a meaningful prototype in 5 days and test with customers. Not possible, you think. It is. We will do it together with you. Our workshop consists of 5 structured days that results in a live customer validation of product that you have in mind.

Product Development

Combining your experience and expertise with our technology know-how and ideate and build and deploy your data science product. Together we take your idea and help you transform it into a meaningful product or experience for your customers.


We get your staff ready for your data science future. Technology, Architecture and Methodology. Together we define the targets of the training and create a training customized to the needs of your organization. Tell us where you would like to start.


SciScry capabilities

Our solution is available in the cloud as machine learning as a service (MLaaS) or as on-premise installation.

Powerful Pre-Processing

Data Science requires lots of data cleansing and preparation for machine learning. Our solution takes over most of the work.

3rd Party Data

Integration of 3rd party data allows to boost the accuracy of the models.

Bring your data

To utilize the power of machine learning, all you need is to bring your data. We do the rest.

Model Competition

We train multiple models and measure which ones are best to describe and predict your data.

​Enterprise Ready

To enable seamless integration into your enterprise environment we offer a flexible API that allows you to integrate our forecasting results seamlessly.


Pay only what you use

SciScry offers you a risk free pricing scheme with its forecasting solution which allows you to only pay for the forecasts you generate. Using the on-premise version you will be charged monthly the for the number of forecasts generated based on the pricing scheme below. A forecast is a two-dimensional prediction of any length for a single variable.

An example: If you predict the sales quantity of one product in a single store it is counted as one forecast, regardless whether you predict for the next day or the next 7 days.

No. of
Price per
100 forecasts
first 1.000.000 €0,30
next 1.000.000 €0,25
next 2.000.000 €0,20
next 4.000.000 €0,10
next ∞ €0,05

When you choose to utilize the cloud-version you will be billed the computing, data storage, and data transfer costs associated with generating the forecasts in addition.


Core Members

Ph.D. in theoretical particle physics with a strong data science background. At SciScry he focuses on the implementation of machine learning algorithms and model validation.

An experienced entrepreneur and former consultant optimizing planning and forecasting processes at large enterprises.
At SciScry he focuses on all business aspects.


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